Paediatric bedwetting can be distressing for both parents and children. Help is available in the form of the R2 Enuresis Alarm. Oneonone has been committed to supplying the R2 Enuresis Alarm for all Australians for over 20 years and it is a tried and proven method for stopping bedwetting.  It is a drug free, safe, simple and non invasive aid to help children who have bedwetting problems.

The R2 alarm method works by waking the child on commencement of bedwetting. When this occurs repetitively, the procedure results in an association between full bladder, waking and automatic bladder control. Dry nights are usually experienced within two weeks, although treatment time can vary considerably. An easy to follow progress chart is supplied with the alarm unit.

The R2 Enuresis Alarm has been designed and manufactured in Australia. It consists of two parts – the alarm itself, which is encased in a durable plastic box and an easy to clean metallised plastic detector pad.  Mains connection is not necessary as the system is operated by a 9V battery.

It is recommended that if bedwetting persists longer than 6 months,  a physcian should be consulted as there may be physical reasons for the behaviour.

The R2 is a registered product with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration and meets the requirements of the Australian Standards.


NOTE:- It is with regret that we wish to advise this company will cease to trade as at the 30th June 2018